Narooma is famous for one specific dive location that people flock to – Montague Island Nature Reserve.  Here you can enjoy the thrill of diving and snorkelling with marine mammals along with a wide variety of fish.

Montague Island is home to a large colony of Australian fur seals and New Zealand fur seals that inhabit the rocks and the sea all year round.

The seals will come to you, some even approaching as close as a few centimetres. You can also try swimming on the surface towards the seals. Sometimes they may come close enough that you can stroke and scratch them, but be careful as adult seals can be very protective of their young.

Other dives off Montague Island include the nearby bubble cave and Neverfail Reef and off the southern part of the island and Anghinish Rock.

Scuba dives and Snorkelling trips to Montague Island can be arranged by local Narooma dive shops and charter boats.

If you are taking your own boat, make sure you familiarize yourself with the local conditions, in particular the Narooma Bar.

Snorkelling is a great activity at the netted beach at the entry to Wagonga Inlet, Bar Beach where the water is calm and perfect for families.