The perfect location for whale watching

Whales come heart-stoppingly close to Narooma, brought in on warm, krill-rich currents as the continental shelf dips closer to shore than anywhere else along the east coast of Australia. Narooma has a sighting success rate of 98% during peak season from September to November (they’re also seen heading north in June/July) and pods of up to ten aren’t uncommon around Montague Island.

variety-of-speciesA variety of species

Humpbacks, Southern Right whales, Fin whales, Brydes whales, Sei whales, Blue whales and Orcas have all been seen in recent years and they will often come right up to the boats to check out the humans.

You can often see them from the shore and the local school children will spend their recess whale-watching from the playground.

Whale watching tours

whale-toursWhale watching tours can be booked through:

  • Narooma Charters – 0407 909 111
  • Lighthouse Charters – 0412 312 478
  • Narooma Tours & Charter Fish – 0407 487 702
  • Sheriff Charters  – 0447 951 359
  • Island Charters Narooma – 0408 428 857



narooma-chartersNarooma Charters

Whale watching tours in season, between September & November in beautiful Narooma. Also Montague Island tours, fishing trips, diving, and snorkelling. More information & contact details.


DSC_0503s-970x546Sheriff Charters Narooma

We also specialise in diving, snorkelling and Montague Island tours. Come and join us for a great day on or in the pristine waters of Montague Island.
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Island Charters Narooma

We pride ourselves on our customer experience and satisfaction. We love sharing what Narooma and the far South Coast have to offer.

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