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Join us on a Montague Island tour to discover it’s secrets with us. We’ve been taking our guests there since 1983! Our tours involve a comfortable, 25 minute boat trip to Montague Island. On the return trip we’ll occasionally stop to see the dolphins and whales.

Montague Island is one of the most renown attractions on the South Coast. The island has a resident colony of seals and Little Penguins that return to their burrows every evening (nightly migration can be viewed on evening tours between September – late January). You may encounter pods of whales, schools of dolphins, manta rays and schools of fish on our Montague Island tours. And just wait till you see the clear waters that surround magical Montague Island!

Montague Island is well known for its colony of Little Penguins. These birds return to their burrows each evening after a busy time fishing in the waters in and around the island. This nightly migration can be viewed on the evening tour to the Island between September and late January.

Narooma Diving & Fishing Charters

Narooma Charters can also provide fishing, diving and snorkelling experiences out at the island. So click here for a Narooma fishing charter or here for an unforgettable dive or snorkel at Montague Island.

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