14th August 2021

Hello again

It had to happen! This is another unwelcome blow to everyone but I am sure it is the only way to protect us all.

Service NSW has a wide range of grants, loans and financial assistance for those in business and those employees unable to work. Go to service.nsw.gov.au and browse the site.

The three General practices in Narooma have vaccines and I echo the Premier and Chief Medical Officer’s messages to ‘get the jab’. Please know that Astra-Zenica offers excellent protection against the Delta variant. If you are in the 20 – 60 age group, discuss with your GP. It is apparent that the majority of people affected by the virus are in that age group and the risks from infection with the virus are much greater than the risks from the immunisation.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything that I can assist with or that you think the Chamber should be doing.

Stay safe


Dr Jenny Munro AM | President



Narooma Business Chamber

What a tough time everyone is experiencing!

Some offers available that may assist of our members

I urge everyone to have their Covid jabs. AstraZenica has had poor PR but is an excellent vaccine. I understand that Pfizer will be available in Narooma this coming week.

Keep your distance, mask up and sanitise your hands!

Jenny Munro AM
Narooma & District Chamber of Commerce & Tourism
0407 299 149

Narooma Men’s Shed

The Narooma Men’s Shed location is 41a Barker Parade, (near the tennis courts).

We are open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 am to 3:00pm.

We provide quite a range for activities, a wood working area, metal working area and greenhouse. Other activities in the multipurpose room e.g. lead lighting, leather work, painting. Plus, we have Wal’s café where we have morning tea and discuss the goings on both locally and globally, and plan the activities for the coming week.

There is a friendly atmosphere and gives new members a chance to learn some new skills and make some good friends. It costs $60 to join and there is a $5 fee for weekly attendance.

The Shed also attends the local markets and runs a Bunnings sausage sizzle once a month at Batemans Bay to earn funds for the Shed.

The Shed’s community focus gives the shed the opportunity to do small jobs, like fixing chairs etc for locals and the new shed is now available for community use.

Our website is www.naroomamensshed.com.au







Narooma Business Chamber

The announcement of the BLERF grants of $14 million for Narooma is such welcome news! Heartiest congratulations go to those who drove the arduous application process:

 School of Arts Management Committee for their NACC Narooma Arts and Community Centre. Special mention must be made of Laurelle Pacey for her perseverance and doggedness in achieving this. I know that Laurelle has been working tirelessly for the School of Arts and Soldier’s Memorial Hall since 1995 when the Kinema was closed because the building was condemned. 

Mountain Bike Trail Hub. Georgie Staley and Dave O’Brien have worked long hours outside their day jobs to prepare 100km of trails. The grant will boost the facilities on offer and benefit our whole community

WLALC for their Muliyaan Indigenous Cultural and Wildlife Centre at Paradise Point. This project will provide training and employment for many across a wide range of activities.

SHASA and the South Coast Microgrid Resilience Feasibility Project

We are all to be commended for our compliance in the current outbreak of the Delta strain of coronavirus. It feels almost predictable that each time we feel as if we are making progress that there is another lockdown that leads to cancellations and a scarcity of visitors. 

I have attached some useful links that might assist.

Jenny Munro AM
Narooma & District Chamber of Commerce & Tourism
0407 299 149


Useful links & information

Queen’s Birthday Honour for the late Matt Deveson

14 June 2021


What a wonderful tribute to the much loved Matt Deveson that he was the recipient of an Order of Australia Medal in today’s Queen’s Birthday Honours. It is gratifying that he was able to accept the nomination and that his father, Ivan and widow, Jen will proudly receive the award from our Governor General on Matt’s behalf.

Matt’s death is a tremendous loss to so many in Narooma and Eurobodalla. He was a man of integrity and commitment who spent his 15 years in our community working to make it better for everyone.

For nearly all of those 15 years Matt was on the executive of the Narooma Chamber of Commerce, mostly as President or Vice President. He was part of the team that launched Narooma ‘how life should be’ and the narooma.org.au.

He presided over the inaugural Narooma Oyster Festival and contributed to the high profile it has in Australia today.

Matt sat on Eurobodalla Council committees and boards – Liquor Licensing, Eurobodalla Disaster Relief Fund, Tourism Advisory Board as well as supporting Red Cross.

All of us in this wonderful community extend our love and gratitude to Jen and Matt’s family. He was one of a kind.


Jenny Munro AM


Narooma Chamber of Commerce