200seeeThe magic of Montague Island

Montague Island offers a magical diving experience alongside hundreds of curious seals and myriad marine species. There are many good dive sites with some intriguingly named for their characteristics – like The Cathedral, The Pinnacles and the Bubble Cave.

incredible-clarityIncredible clarity

Visibility around Montague Island is commonly over 20 metres and when the northerly currents sweep down it can reach incredible clarity.

Water temperatures reach 25 degrees in summer and autumn, while 5mm wetsuits are considered adequate for most winter days.


Island Charters picDive operators

Dive operators cater for small group dives to larger dives of up to 22, and there are also snorkelling tours among the seals and reef fish in sheltered bays around the island. Read more about Montague Island.

more-infoThe abundant waters of Batemans Marine Park

The waters around the Narooma area are exceptionally clear and fish and crustaceans are abundant, so the diving and snorkelling all along its marine park protected coastline are wonderful. Read more about the Batemans Marine Park.