85 000 hectares of Marine Park

Batemans Marine Park was established by the NSW government in 2006 and covers 85,000 hectares, extending from Murramarang Beach near Batemans Bay in the north to Wallaga Lake near Tilba Tilba in the south.

It stretches to three miles offshore and includes all the estuaries, creeks, rivers and lakes (except Nargal Lake) within the Eurobodalla region.

Bigger and better catches

Unlike marine parks in other states, the Batemans Marine Park puts very small restrictions on recreational fishing and since it’s introduction those who regularly fish in the area have reported bigger and more plentiful catches.

Trawling, long lining and dredging are prohibited from the entire park and some other forms of commercial fishing are also limited to protect the region’s biodiversity.

Enormous range of habitats and species

The Batemans Marine Park covers a range of habitats including the continental shelf sea floor with its sponge gardens, beaches, rocky shores, kelp beds, coralline algal banks, rocky reefs, islands, seagrass, mangroves and estuarine habitats.

The marine life it covers includes many species of dolphins, turtles, fish, invertebrates, seabirds and seaweeds – along with several protected and threatened species such as the weedy sea dragon, eastern blue devil fish, elegant wrasse and the grey nurse shark. Local Yuin Aboriginal communities have strong links to the area within the park and are actively involved in consultation on park issues affecting traditional use.

Enjoying the marine park

For fishing equipment, boat hire and bait Contact:

  • Ocean Hut Fishing and Dive Centre – 02 44762278
  • Narooma Marine Centre – 02 44762126

For ocean and inlet fishing charters Contact:

  • Aussie Fish Estuary Adventures – 02 6495 9902
  • Calm Water Charters – 02 4476 2483
  • Island Charters – 0408 428 857
  • Narooma Charters – 0407 909 111
  • Lighthouse Charters – 02 4476 2621

Marine park contact details:

Batemans Marine Park
PO Box 341 Narooma NSW 2546
Cnr Burrawang and Graham Sts
Narooma NSW 2546

Ph: 02 4476 0802
Fax: 02 4476 0833
Email: [email protected]

View the Batemans Park Zoning Plan here.